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Baby products.

Baby products.

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Welcome to Stylishbabies! There is no denying that Stylishmamas goes hand-in-hand with Stylishbabies and that is why we have decided to add some amazing items for your little bundle of Joy! Why not treat your baby too while you treat yourself? You will be glad to see that smile when they receive their new treat and nothing beats that amazing feeling of seeing your baby happy and smiling or giggling because they have a new treat!

Buy Baby Essentials Online

Stylishbabies is here to provide you with those wonderful and amazing essentials that are vital in nourishing, supporting, stimulating and encouraging your baby's development. We know that breastfeeding is very important and most fundamental for your baby's growth and health. We also know that in order to develop properly, your baby needs the right amount of stimulation and care for their growing wellbeing. That is why this section is especially reserved for your little one and we hope that you will find what you are looking for so that you can spoil them rotten! Thank you for choosing Stylishbabies!

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Buy breastfeeding toys, care essentials and breastfeeding products online and get FREE SHIPPING when you spend over £100.

Gift Vouchers are now available if you are looking to buy for an expectant mummy. Gift vouchers are available for birthdays, Christmas, new baby arrivals and baby showers.

A Survey Of 1,000 Women Will Prepare You For Your Hospital Visit

The American website asked more than a thousand moms for advice. Here's what they told us:

Comfy clothes and Breastfeeding Nightwear

Many moms preferred to ditch the hospital gown in favour of discrete breastfeeding tops and nighties. View the StylishMamas Breastfeeding Nightwear page for inspiration and buy online today!

    I loved that I packed a jersey cotton robe. Easy for nursing and comfy.

    I was glad to have my yoga pants and a T-shirt. Being in your own clothes at the hospital (for the recovery part) makes you feel so much better than being in the hospital gown.

    I was glad I brought a comfy nightgown! I lived in that thing and it was so much better than the hospital ones.

    Black cotton shorts worked out great because I didn't want anything that would show blood if I had a leak.

    I bought pajamas for the hospital, and I still wear them now. They have a front opening, which made breastfeeding easier.

    I lived in my yoga pants, nursing tank top, and hoodie the whole time I was in the hospital. So much better than those gowns!

    Loose-fitting, comfortable shirts were the best things I packed.

Creating a calm and intimate delivery room (Advice from moms) and tips on creating a soothing environment during childbirth.

Roomy footwear

Your feet may be somewhat swollen after delivery, so pack comfy shoesnd slippers just in case.

    Slippers were the only thing I could get on my feet because they were so swollen.

    My flip-flops were the best thing I packed. They were comfortable and easy to get on and off.

    Giant fluffy socks were the only thing that would fit over my swollen legs.

    Slippers were really helpful for walking in the halls!

    I loved the fact that I had my own slippers. I wore those the entire time, even through the delivery!

    Flip-flops were very helpful. Though I gave birth in January, they were comfortable to wear in the hospital, as my feet swelled.

Baby Memory makers

Memories of your stay in the hospital or birthing center may always be a bit of a blur, but you can document the experience for posterity with a few simple tools.

    My camera, with extra batteries, was a lifesaver!

    I packed our baby book, which was great. They happily put her hand and footprints in it for us.

    It was very helpful for me to have my phone and tablet to take pictures

Toiletries, Makeup and Shower Essentials

When it comes to personal comfort, little things can make a huge difference. Two of the most popular personal care items among our survey participants were lip balm and hair ties. Here are some more ideas:

    I packed a brush, toothpaste, and mouthwash.

    I was glad I had my body lotion and favourite handcream.

    I was glad I brought my own shampoo and body wash. It made me feel more comfortable to stay with my own routine.

    Leave-in hair conditioner was one of the best things I brought with me, also dry shapoo for the afternoons where I just wanted to rest easy.

    I was glad to have my own mini shampoos, conditioner, face wash, and lotions. Also my own toilet paper – it was way better than the hospital's.

    Bringing my makeup was an excellent decision. There's no feeling like waking up the next day as a mother, showering, and putting makeup on to get ready for adoring guests.

Stuff to do - Be Occupied Whilst Recouperating from Birth

Believe it or not, you may have some downtime in the hospital or birthing location, either while waiting for labour to really get going or while recuperating after the birth. Consider packing a couple favorite pastimes.

    Magazines helped to pass the time.

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