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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Ignore Your Kids.


Published by Stylishmamas.

Date: 10/01/2018.


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If you’re like most parents that are preparing to have a child, you’ve probably done your homework. By now, you’ve likely realized that the Internet is full of pretty conflicting information, especially when it comes to parenting. One bit of information that has recently been passed around is that you should ignore your kids when they misbehave or start having a tantrum/crying. This piece of advice can be a bit misleading, and we at InnerParents would like to set the record straight on why you should never ignore your child.


1. You limit your child’s early development.

A crying child is one of the most stressful sounds you will experience. Throw in a busy schedule and you will feel pretty much doomed. While it has been passed around time and time again to let your child simply “cry it out” experts say this could create long-term negative effects. Crying is your infant’s way to communicate. If they are crying there is usually something that they need. Ignoring these needs early on can limit self-confidence, promote anxiety, and cause your child to suppress emotions later in life. While it is certainly fine to let your baby cry for a couple of minutes to see if they will fall back to sleep, any more than that and you should attend to their needs.

2. Your child learns to undervalue their emotions.

Children are constantly observing and learning from your actions, starting at a very early age. Ignoring your child when they are upset reveals that emotions are something that should be ignored. While you might feel a lot better when your child isn’t emotional, this can lead to a lifetime of suppressing internal signals humans use to shape expectations guide decisions. This also sets an example of how other people should be treated. If you don’t value the emotions and feelings of the people around you, your child won’t either.

3. You create attachment issues.

A healthy attachment forms when a child feels that their parent is dependable and will provide support. When a child has this security, they typically feel more comfortable and confident exploring their world. When a parent ignores a child’s feelings or doesn’t respond to their need, they learn that they must take care of themselves. Later in life they might behave aggressively and often encounter difficulty trusting or building strong relationships with others.

4. You create problems for your growing child.

Parenting styles and the way that they affect children have a variety of results. It has been shown that parents who are uninvolved or act indifferently to their child cause a number of issues. Often times, children of these parents have little in terms of emotional control, become easily frustrated, and are more likely to have problems academically along with delinquent behavior.

Being involved in your child’s life is one of the most important parts of being a parent. Your child depends on you, not only for physically needs but emotional support. Taking that support away from your child is only hurting them in the long run.

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Author -  Erica Johnson.
About Author.

- Erica has been writing articles on parenting and family for a while now. She loves sharing her experience and does so through blogging as well. She has done a few articles for InnerParents which are worth reading!


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