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04 March 2021

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The NEC Baby show turned out to be a huge success and many of you came by to say hello!

Darcey1 NEC IMG 3277 opt

Pictured: Darcey 'busy' at work! :) She had a great time talking to all of you who came by on Saturday and made loads of friends.


It was great seeing everyone there and being able to finally meet some of you in person! We have spoken a few times on the phone and in emails and it was really nice to be able to put some faces to their names! Thank you for taking the time to come and see us, we appreciate that most of you had things to do and were very busy so very much appreciated!

The show came and went so quick! It was a very busy one and we hope you took advantage of all the great offers that were available! To our lucky ticket winners, we also hope this made it extra special for you! I noticed that some of you were aware of the mega offers available in the last 30 minutes of the show on Sunday. Nearly all stands with big display items (travel systems, push chairs, carry cots, high chairs etc.) were letting them go for next to nothing so good on you for grabbing those great bargains!

We also managed to make some great contacts with some Charity organisations that help disadvantaged mothers and babies across the world. This is something we have wanted to get involved in a long time so it was great to finally take the first steps. Ammalife whose mission is to save mothers worldwide - www.ammalife.org have already been in touch and things are now in motion regarding how we can help. We will keep you informed on how things will progress from here!

We also had an 'Up to 55%' off offer on all our show items and a lot of you took advantage of this offer so thank you! We still have some offers going on but more will follow in the coming weeks so keep an eye out and keep checking!

Have a great weekend!


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Date: 20/05/2016.


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