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Breastfeeding dress - 'Ava'


Dark red 'Ava' breastfeeding dress with a strip of faux leather in front running from top to bottom. Certainly nothing boring about this dress and has that classy look with a bit of retro to it. It also has two zip access points for easy breastfeeding. Smart and trendy.

Comfortable, stylish and unique, the dress is designed to suit your needs as a breastfeeding mother. The discreet vertical zips by the breast area allows you to enjoy this dress right through breastfeeding and beyond. When the zips are not in use, no one can tell that it is a breastfeeding dress which is perfect for you!

Styled and designed here in the UK but we do ship Worldwide.

'Ava' breastfeeding dress.

Beautiful breastfeeding dress with a strip of faux leather on the middle front and end of sleeves is a perfect fit for you if you like down to earth outfits with a hint of character. It's ideal for those who love subtle outfits but don't like styles that scream attention. This dress is enough to define your style without trying too much and makes you look different and with a bit of an edge to your style. It is perfect for the summer and is very comfortable. It looks very stylish and classy with minimal effort. An excellent option for relaxed outdoor activities - picnics, stroll in the park, barbecues or on a day out with friends/family. Easy access to breastfeeding makes it practical for day-to-day outdoor activities with your little one.

Excellent for warm weather as a casual outfit or can also be worn with heels for a more professional or smart look. If you are a working mom, no more worrying about finding something practical and easy to breastfeed/pump in when you are at work or if you are a stay-at-home-mom, this dress will suit you just fine for a day at the park or catching up with your friends while having a cup of tea. We also know that being a mum means you barely have time to concentrate on your style or clothes, this breastfeeding dress takes that worry off your shoulders and you can continue to wear it long after you stop breastfeeding/pumping because the vertical zips are so cleverly hidden in the seams. When they are not in use, you can hardly tell that it is a breastfeeding dress. Discretion and easy access to breastfeeding are without question and allows you to breastfeed discreetly even when out in public.

Item # SM201511

  • 65% Viscose.
  • 30% Polyamide.
  • 5% Elastane.
  • Model is wearing size: Small.
  • Machine washable.
  • Two zips ( one on each side) for easy access to breastfeeding.


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